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It is very important that you have the correct mix of chemicals in your pool. Too few chemicals can lead to scum, and bacteria build up, which is a hazard for your health and anyone who uses your pool. If you have too many chemicals in your pool, in can be hard on your skin, hair, body, and especially your eyes. Let us make sure that you have the right amount of chemicals by providing a FREE inspection.  

Ensure you have the right mix of chemicals

Stay safe in your pool by having the right mix of chemicals.

  • Sanitizers

  • Oxidizers

  • Balancers

  • Algae products

  • Cleaners

  • Water enhancers

  • And more


We have a huge selection of products

If you are interested in regulating the chemicals in your pool on your own, we carry a large selection of pool items, so we are sure to have what you need. We have everything you need for your pool, including sanitizers and off season products to keep your pool great even during the winter. If you have any questions, or you just want to take advantage of our FREE inspections, call us.

About the products, we carry

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